• Such stuff as dreams are made on

    Such stuff as dreams are made on

    Its been a while since I illustrated something. Loved this quote from Prospero in Shakespeare’s The …

  • Kitab Korner Educational Foundation Website #2

    Kitab Korner Educational Foundation Website #2

    The new KKEF website is coming soon!

  • Stop bullying

    Stop bullying

    “No person, in any culture, likes to be bullied. No person likes living in fear because …

  • Graduation Ball 2012

    Graduation Ball 2012

  • Christmas 2011

    Christmas 2011

  • My elective

    My elective

    The medical school asked us to put together a collage of pictures from our electives for …



    Cover design for Academic Medicine Society Newcastle National Conference 2011. Design focuses on simplicity, geometry and …

  • Fix you

    Fix you

    Prayer holds together the shattered fragment of creation – Jacques Ellul C4D. Natural lighting.

  • Chasing Dreams

    Chasing Dreams

    In times of the crisis and all sorts of convoluted stuff going on, its important to …

  • Lion of Judah

    Lion of Judah

    When I first learnt Adobe Illustrator, I set out to create something simple using vectors. I …



    I was very honored when they asked me to design the booklets for them again. Do …

  • Time


    I absolutely love the movie Inception. I enjoy exploring the archetypal of the mind and (sort …

  • Threadless


    Original piece –> click here

  • Year of the Tiger

    Year of the Tiger

    2010 was the year of the tiger – probably one of my favorite animals. I have …

  • Transformers


    Using c4D again, I wanted to experiment using various explosive, tnt effects.

  • Revelations


    Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced …

  • Christmas 10

    Christmas 10

    I love the use of water color and enjoyed that medium of art ever since highschool. …



    Was honored to design the covers for University of Pennsylvannia Model United Nations Conference.

  • Life


    How do you create a 3D neon-light effect? Go to Vegas. Or use c4D. Intrigued by …

  • Kitab Korner

    Kitab Korner

    Very honoured to be part of Kitab Korner Educational Foundation. Founded by UPenn graduate, Poorvi Kunzru, …

  • Lion tee

    Lion tee

  • 2010


    Using C4D, I tried to replicate the grunge, transformers effect – combined with Adobe Photoshop

  • Carols by candlelight

    Carols by candlelight

    Designed the carols by candlelight flyers for HopeCityChurch Newcastle

  • Blessings


    Was playing around with Adobe Illustrator to vectorize one of my doodles Vectorizing without a mouse …

  • Anti Ethos

    Anti Ethos

    Designed a logo for a Manchester-based company – Anti Ethos.

  • Lighthouse Leadership

    Lighthouse Leadership

    Was honoured to (help) design the website for Michelle Rupp This website is for those who …

  • Global Health Conference

    Global Health Conference

    Help organize Medsin Global Health Conference. Did a lot of the designing, website set up, registration …